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Thanks for stoping by. I use this newsletter to share my insights on all things business, career and investing. My goal is for you to take away weekly snippets from lessons I’m learning from some of the world’s most successful investors. The small things which make a big difference to your long term investment success.

Some of the notes here are extensions of what you’ll hear on my podcast (The Peter Esho Podcast) and occasional TV interviews on major TV channels such as ABC News, Bloomberg, BBC and CNBC. I also write a monthly column for Money Magazine in Australia which is a longer form of the weekly notes you find here.

My background and business history

I started my career in insolvency, helping accounting partners take over and restructure broke companies. But the buzz was missing, so right after University, I was blessed to join the Australian Equities Research team at Morningstar.

I then moved into the Fintech space, helping Gain Capital (City Index) and Japanese broking giant Invast Securities build their Australian market presence.

While my heart was in markets, my head was in real estate. So in 2015 I decided to build a real estate investment business and after a few iterations, today I’m a Co-Founder in Wealthi, one of Australia’s leading real estate investment companies.

As an entrepreneur and investor, I’ve recently expanded my thoughts and assets into the cryptocurrency space. I believe the secular trend towards digital assets is only in its infancy and so over the next few months, I’ll share this running commentary with you and show you how I’m buying and growing my digital portfolio.

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