I’m Peter Esho and I write here about macro investing topics with an emphasis from time to time on socialy responsible and ethical investing. Around 90% of investors want their investments to align with their values according to a recent survey published by Swiss investment bank UBS.

Socially responsible and ethical investing is area I’m increasingly facinated with, combining my passion for investing with my desire to also help make the world a better place for my children and their children.

My goal is for you to take away weekly snippets from lessons I’m learning across impact and ethical investing. The small things I’m picking up from what I read, which can make a big difference to your long term investment success.

Some of the notes here are extensions of what you’ll hear on my podcast (Peter Esho Podcast) and occasional TV interviews on major TV channels such as ABC News, Bloomberg, BBC and CNBC. I also write a monthly column for Money Magazine in Australia which is a longer form of the weekly notes you find here.

My background and business history

I started my career in insolvency, helping accounting partners take over and restructure unsucccesful companies. A great place to start. Studying poorly run companies makes you appreciate the good ones when you see them.

But the buzz was missing, so right after University, I was blessed to join the Australian Equities Research team at Morningstar where I was mentored by some of the world’s best minds on stock analysis.

I then moved into the Fintech space, helping Gain Capital (City Index) and Japanese broking giant Invast Securities build their Australian market presence.

While my heart was in markets, my head was in real estate. So in 2015 I decided to build a real estate investment business and after a few iterations, today I’m a Co-Founder in Wealthi, one of Australia’s leading property investment companies.

Wealthi | LinkedIn

More recently, I completed social entreprenuership studies at Oxford University, complementing traditional business concepts I learnt at USYD and UNSW.

Twice a year I’m a mentor at USYD’s Genesis start-up program, a great social initiative which aims to encourage and reward entreprenuers who have a connection to the university.

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